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Black and Grey Tattoos

Black & Grey Tattoos 1

Black and gray tattoos use only black ink and lighter shades of grey are produced by mixing the black ink with distilled water creating a 'wash'. Some tattoo artists mix white ink with the black to achieve the lighter shades, but it is not the accepted traditional method.

Even though black and grey tattoos do not contain color, they are renowned for being visually stunning with their subtle shades and tones making a remarkably lifelike end product. It is a timeless style of tattooing with considerable history and tradition which is still very much in demand.

When a black and grey tattoo has been detailled with it shades of black, white highlights are often added to accentuate certain areas. White ink is also used for smoothing transitions between the black and grey tones. Portrait tattoos and photo realistic tattoos are just two end products of this mono coloured process which is used to create highly desireable body art.

The dark ink used in black and grey tatooos fares favourably well against exposure to the suns ultra violet rays when compared with the lighter pigment contained in all other ink colours making them the most resilient of all tattoo styles. Another good selling point is that large areas of black and grey tattoos can consist of skin tone making the work faster to complete and considerably less painful than other types of tattoos which use block colours.

Black and Grey Tattoos Portfolio

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