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Cartoon & Comic Book Style Tattoos

Cartoon Tattoo 1

If you ever wondered why somebody might choose to get a cartoon or comic book style tattoo you should probably start by trying to look beyond what it appears to be. Most people perceive cartoons to be childish but for those who choose to have these tattoos there is usually a much deeper, personal symbolism. Where cartoon tattoos and comic book style tattoos are concerned there is quite often more to the story than a character being cute or appealing!

Cartoon tattoos can represent something that you used to share with your parents (or siblings) during childhood, or with your own children during theirs. You might even feel that a particular character shows attributes you may percieve yourself to have. If you ask someone with a cartoon tattoo about the story behind it, you may be fascinated by what you hear, you may even see cartoon tattoos in a new light.

Comic Book Tattoo 1

Modern Cartoon / Comic Book characters

In addition to the obvious Disney cartoon and Marvel comic book icons, characters of the 1990s have become increasingly popular of late. This is largely because sufficient time has passed for them to become nostalgic. The 1990s produced more than it's fair share of great artwork and there is a wide range of characters for people to identify with.

If you are interested in getting a cartoon or comic book style tattoo of your own, you should first question what it would mean to you and if you have a good reason to get one, making an informed decision will ensure have something to cherish rather than ending up with something you might possibly regret in the future.

Cartoon & Comic Book Style Tattoos Portfolio

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