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Cover Up Tattoos

No one likes to admit when they have made a mistake. But most of us do and unfortunately tattoo mistakes are permanent. If you have been looking at the reminder of your bad choice for too long, it may be time to take action. You might have heard about cover up tattoos but not sure how they work? Our tattooists are very creative and are happy to advise you which options you have available to cover your old design.

Cover Up Tattoos

How Cover Up Tattoos Work

How cover up tattoos work

When you get tattooed, the ink is dispersed about one millimeter underneath your skin and stays in a layer called the dermis, which is underneath the epidermis (the layer of skin you can see). Tattooing over an existing design does not actually cover it, instead the pigment of the new tattoo mixes with the old one. As it heals the new ink settles into the dermis layer and merges with the old ink. This makes it extremely important to plan carefully what the design of the cover up tattoo will be. Black is the strongest colour of ink which makes it the easiest way to cover an old tattoo but other colors can work just as well depending on what the original design was, this means the more skillful your tattoist, the more options you have available so don't be tempted to get a solid black design before you have spoken to us first!

Preparing for Your Cover Up Tattoo

The first step is to have a consultation. We will usually make a tracing of the area and the old design for reference when we draw the new cover up design. Some cover up tattoos need to be drawn directly on the body area without using a stencil. This works extremely well as the design is guaranteed to fit and you will be able to see how it is done.

Depending on the size of you original tattoo, the colours used and how faded it is you may need up to 3 sittings to complete the work. This may seem a lot but it will not apply to everyone, not all cover up tattoos need to be elaborate or time consuming but we can give you an accurate estimate if you pay us a visit at our tattoo studio based in Axminster. Old tattoos which have faded to almost nothing or tattoos that have been under the laser machine are much easier to cover.

We also offer a tattoo repair service to restore and enhance faded tattoos.

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