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Tattoo Designs

Choosing a Tattoo Design? We are not here to tell you what to have on your body, every individual gets their inspiration their own way. The only advice we feel qualified to give is that, you should think about it and be sure about it.

Choose your tattoo design carefully!

Please don't just go into a studio and pick one out of a book, these are the most regretted tattoos. Go to a studio and get inspiration, get ideas, get a feel for the studio and the artist, but don’t get a tattoo the same day you decided on it, a couple of days to let the design settle in your mind can’t hurt can it?

Laser tattoo removal on the other hand can hurt, and is far more painful than getting the tattoo itself, so just be sure in your own mind before you commit. Everyone at a tattoo studio has a story about a 'nearly got' tattoo or a tattoo design that eventually got a cover up; the common denominators were always 'excited spontaneity' and not 'sleeping on it'.

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Not everyone is aware there are so many different styles of tattoo design. It definitely pays to do your homework and put in a little time and effort researching your options first.

On this website we have information which should help you decide on a style of tattoo and we have hundreds of designs at out studio in Axminster, but if you decide you want something different, or very specific we also offer a custom tattoo service where we work entirely to your bespoke ideas. If you would like to find out more about this, either pop in to one of our tattoo studios for a chat or send us an enquiry online.

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