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Fantasy Tattoos

Fantasy Tattoo 1

Fantasy tattoos are hugely popular tattoos with people of creative personality. Fantasy tattoos are symbolic of dreams, hope, optimism and rooted to a personal connection with the character featuring in the tattoo design. Fairies, dragons and unicorns are some very common and popular fantasy tattoos, but they don't just look awesome, a quality tattoo always has a deep significance.

Fantasy Tattoo Styles

Here are some popular examples of fantasy tattoos :


Fantasy Dragon Tattoo

The characteristics of a dragon indicate the meaning of the design. Dragons are usually seen to be powerful and fierce but some are quite demon like and usually symbolize power, strength, or a fearless character.

Dragon tattoos often represent courage or protection..


Fantasy Fairy Tattoo

The vast amount of possibilities with fairy tattoo designs makes them one of the most popular tattoos of all. Fairies have a long standing tradition in folk stories, making them very appealing.

Fairies are often used to symbolise childhood innocence and youth, although there is a myth that fairies bring good luck and prosperity..


Fantasy Phoenix Tattoo

The fantasy phoenix makes for attractive tattoos with various symbolisms. The most frequent message of phoenix tattoos is that of rebirth, significant change, and mystery.

The phoenix is also used to symobilise grace, virtuousity, and protection.


Fantasy Wizard Tattoo

Fantasy wizard tattoo meanings are often associated with the obvious; magic, power, and mystery. The wizard tattoos characteristics define the representation. Some appear fierce or evil, similar to the symbolism of a powerful dragon. Conversely, others look kind and welcoming, like the famous Merlin.

Wizard tattoos are believed to bring good fortune and ward off evil spirits.


Fantasy Mermaid Tattoo

Mermaids are very popular tattoo designs for sailors (and those who make a living working on oceans or rivers). They are also commonly seen on people who enjoy swimming.

Mermaids generally signify seductiveness, mystery, beauty, power, and the femininity of women.


Fantasy Unicorn Tattoo

Unicorns are rare, magical, unique, peaceful, serene fantasy animals known most for their evasive personalities. Contrary to common misconception, unicorns do not have wings. It is Pegasus the winged horse who often gets confused in this way.

Unicorn tattoos signify innocence, kindness, purity, healing, peace and perfection.

Fantasy Style Tattoos Portfolio

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