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Hand Poked Tattoos

Hand-poking is tattooing as it was done here before electricity, quite literally poking the design into the skin dot-by-dot by hand (no tattoo machine). Hand-poking had all but died out, but started making a comeback in the 1980s, and there are now 30 or more tattooists in the country delivering exclusive, high-quality hand poked tattoos in this traditional, hand-crafted way. We are pleased to have one of them.

What do hand poked tattoos look like? Subtle and delicate with lots of fine detail, although dark and bold is possible too. Dotwork is the strength of the hand-poking technique, but unbroken lines and small areas of solid can be done as well. Larger blocks of colour and shading like a machine aren't really on, but dots can easily be arranged to give the impression of shading. Colour is no problem at all.

What does it feel like? Without exception everyone says how much they enjoy it, and how surprised they are that it hurts so little – certainly much less than machine work. Some people go to sleep, some giggle because it tickles (apparently), but everyone relaxes. It takes longer than machine work, but it's a chance to switch off and unwind. Because the action of the needles is not aggressive and so gentle, the skin hardly ever reacts, and long, long sessions (5 or 6 hours) are possible. Healing is so easy too.

We have lots of traditional hand poked tattoo designs in our tattoo studio in Axminster so why not pop in and take a look?

Please feel free to bring us your own custom design for a quote or click here to get an online quote.

If you already have a particular design in mind, click here to arrange an appointment for a hand poked tattoo at our Axminster based tattoo studio.

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