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Memorial Tattoos

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We understand it is a painful experience when somebody close passes away. Sometimes we feel a need to do something in memory of that special person and a memorial tattoo is a great way to show respect and help to relieve some of our own emotional pain. Selecting the right memorial tattoo design is a lot harder than choosing any other type of tattoo.

You should hold off on making a decision until you have had sufficient time to grieve for your loved one. We always advise on thinking long and hard about any design but it is especially important to do so when you are having emotional difficulties.

Your memorial tattoo should symbolise the character and interests of the person you are memorializing. But it should also be something you are incredibly proud to wear on your skin.

Roses, crosses, and ribbons (usually showing birth and death dates of the person) are typical and can be included in your design, but alone they are not unique or imaginative so you should take time to consider exactly what defined the person's life, if you can think of something which represents their uniqueness you can incorporate elements of this to make it very personal to them.

Child Memorials

We can't image there is anything more painful in life than losing a child, regardless of their age. A portrait may be an appropriate memorial, so long as it doesn't end up causing you sorrow whenever you look at it. Halos and angel wings are also a popular choice for child tattoos.

If you take time to make a rational decision, your memorial tattoo should bring you fond memories which you can honor for the rest of your own lifetime.

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Memorial designs are deeply personal by nature but we can offer sound, professional advice at our tattoo studio in Axminster.

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