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Portrait Tattoos

Portrait Tattoo 1

A majority of portrait tattoos are memorials to loved ones (including pets) who may have passed away, in which case the process of actually getting the tattoo can be very emotional so it is vital that your chosen tattooist is sensitive and respectful with your wishes.

Portrait tattoos are extremely detailled and difficult to get right. They require an implicit understanding of blending and shading so it is REALLY important that you do your homework and find reputable tattoo artist such as Chris Williams before committing to have and work started. Anybody can attempt a portrait piece but few can pull it off. Tattooists may draw a line as good as anybody but good portrait tattoos require artistic ability, a fact there is no getting away from.

Your tattooist will need a high quality photograph to use as reference material for your tattoo, otherwise they may refuse to start work on it. It is a good idea to bring more than one image with you if possible as it really makes interpreting facial structure easier for the artist.

Portrait Tattoo 2

WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND you ask to see some examples of any tattoo artist's work before agreeing to have work done. Most reputable tattooists have a portfolio these days which display samples of their work. you should look for portfolio shots which have a picture of the reference photograph alongside the finished tattoo (like the image of Hannibal Lectur just to the right) so you can see for yourself how well that artist did. Portfolio workshould be realistic, and look significantly like the person it's supposed to resemble, otherwise go somewhere else!

Please remember that portrait tattoos need to be a minimum size. The smallest a tattooist will usually go is about 3x3 inches and smaller tattoos will have less detail when finished. An ideal size would be around 4x6 inches or bigger, this should fit easily on an adult shoulder.

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