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Preparation for your Tattoo

Before you even step into a tattoo studio please make sure it is what you really want! This isn't a decision you should make on a whim, it is something you will either have for the whole of your life or spend a fortune trying to remove. Spend some time making sure you have made the right decision before rushing out and getting a tattoo you might end up regretting.

Preparation for your Tattoo

Obviously we would welcome your business but we still suggest you should check out tattooists in your area. Please remember that good work doesn't come cheap and you should avoid anywhere with prices less than the going rate, unless you know the tattooist personally and are getting a discount! You really do get what you pay for so paying a fair amount for something you'll have for a lifetime is worthwhile.

In preparation for your tattoo please do not drink alcohol the night before and most certainly not the day of the work. Alcohol has a thinning effect on your blood and causes the tattooed area to bleed far more than usual which makes it difficult for the tattooist see your design whilst working. It also won't help the healing process, making you more sensitive to discomfort, even pain.

Aspirin has the same effect in thinning the blood, but hey, if you don’t have the drink you won’t need the Aspirin. Do have something to eat before your tattoo. This will settle any nerves and also draws blood to the stomach limiting any bleeding from the tattoo.

If this is your first tattoo and you are worried about how painful you may find it (we all have different levels of pain tolerance) you might be interested in finding out more about hand poked tattoos. Hand poking is a machine free, traditional method of tattooing where the tattooist uses a needle lashed to a short stick to poke the design onto your skin by hand. It is a suprisingly relaxing and painless experience we encourage everyone to try at least once.

Above all, please try to relax and listen to our advice; We are experts in reassuring our clients. If you need moral support please feel free to bring a friend, we will make them as welcome as you are!

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