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Tattoo Repair

Tattoo repair (or restoration if you prefer) can become necessary for some with older tattoos which have lost their original sharpness or colour. Unfortunately, over time, your original design which looked vivid and bright can become blurred or faded. This can be for a number of reasons; ink quality, inexperienced artists and less sophisticated equipment can all be contributing factors. In addition, most people are unaware how damaging UV exposure (tanning machines or direct sun exposure) can be to tattoos.

Whatever your reason is, our tattooists at Chris' Tat Shack are experienced in the process of tattoo repair and can return your body art to it's former glory.

Tattoo Repair 1

In some cases, rather than a straightforward restoration, you might decide you want to adapt or enhance the original design, this is usually possible, depending on the extent of the change you want. If the change is very significant it become more of a cover up tattoo than a repair.

We recommend popping in to our tattoo studio in Axminster for a brief chat about tattoo repair so we can give you advice, recommendations and an accurate estimate on price.

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