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More and more people are deciding to get tattoos as their popularity (and social acceptability) has increased dramatically in recent times. Unfortunately this decision is often made too easily and it is not uncommon for people end up full of regret at a hasty decision. Before rushing to your local tattooist, please make time to think it through properly, ensure you understand the potential risks and have taken all of the necessary precautions. Keep reading to find out you can make sure the process of getting a tattoo is carried out safely and properly, and make an informed decision.

It is very common for tattoos to be completed without serious complications, although you should bear in mind that the process of getting a tattoo does involve piercing the skin and is considered minor surgery. There is opportuninty for skin infection, reaction, or other complications which can range in severity from minor to life threatening in very rare cases. We consider it extremely important that you are aware of the risks you take and have made sure that necessary precautions have been taken before you have your tattoo.

Choosing a tattoo

You can see a lot of our previous work on this website which may give you inspiration on something personal for yourself, otherwise we have a large range of tattoo designs at our studio based in Axminster so come on by and say hello!

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Common risks associated with tattoos

Skin infection As the skin is penetrated, various bacterial infections can occur. Tattoo related skin infections have symtoms including : swelling, redness, pain, and pus.

Allergic reaction Dyes and pigments (especially in the color red) used are a known cause of allergic reactions in certain people. An allergic reaction manifests itself as an itchy rash on the tattoo, this may even occur years after the tattoo was made.

Granulomas These are small bumps which appear around the tattoo, usually where red ink was injected into the skin.

Keloids This is a condition most common in dark-skinned people. It is an overgrowth of scar tissue from a wound. Keloids can appear as raised, thick, hard areas on the skin after getting a tattoo.

MRI complications Though extremely uncommon, tattoos can be affected during MRI examinations. It has been reported that some people have experienced swelling or a burning sensation at the tattoo site during an MRI scan. The tattoo could even possibly interfere with the quality of the scan image, in the case of somebody with permanent eyeliner having an MRI of their eye.

Blood borne diseases In addition to the minor issues above, more serious health problems are always a slim possibility and should not be overlooked. It is really important to insure the place you choose for your tattoo is clean & sterile to minimise the chance of your tattooist using equipment contaminated with infected blood. Blood-borne diseases from tattooing equipment can include Tetanus, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV. You will be glad to hear we take your health very seriously and always ensure our tattoo studios are a safe, sterile environment.

Safety Precautions

Before deciding where to have your tattoo done, please check the following :

  • Your tattooist is qualified and properly trained. Make sure that the necessary regulations and licensing standards are being met.
  • The studio has high sanitation standards. The tattooist should wash his or her hands and wear a new pair of protective gloves. All equipment should come from sealed packages so you are sure it is brand new, except in the case of non disposable equipment where tattoo artists should use autoclaves (heat sterilization machines) to sterilize their equipment. Everything else in the studio, such as counter tops, and chairs should be thoroughly disinfected before any work is started.

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Tattoo Aftercare

We have a page dedicated to tattoo aftercare here which many people find useful.

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