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We love the fact that people share our passion for tattoos. However our tattoo shop has a strict over 18’s only policy. By law you may be asked for photo ID and/or other age verification.

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Our Tattoo Styles Available

Tattoo Designs can be classified into distinct styles, much in the same way paintings can be classified into styles (impressionism, realism, etc). Each of the tattoo styles incorporate specific elements which may be unfamiliar to many people. You can find a brief explanation of the various types of popular tattoo styles below.

More people are deciding to get tattoos as their popularity and social acceptability has increased dramatically in recent times. Unfortunately this decision is often made too easily and is not uncommon for people to end up full of regret at a hasty decision. Before rushing to your local tattoo artist, please make time to think through exactly what you want.

It’s common for tattoos to be completed without any serious complications. Although you should bear in mind that the process of getting a tattoo involves piercing the skin and is considered minor surgery. We consider it extremely important that you are very clear and aware of the associated risks and undertake the necessary precautions before having your tattoo done.


Each custom tattoo is tailored to suit and one of a kind. Small tattoos, full back pieces, sleeves, or whatever you are looking for - all can be customised from your own design ideas.

Hand Poked Tattoos

Hand-poking is tattooing as it was done here before electricity, quite literally poking the design into the skin dot-by-dot by hand (no tattoo machine). Traditional and hand crafted.

Cover Ups

No one likes to admit when they have made a mistake. But most of us do and unfortunately tattoo mistakes are permanent. We are tattoo cover up and repair specialists.


The design is usually very bold, yet detailed colour work. Images of dragons, tigers, flowers, koi fish and geisha girls are amongst the most common Japanese tattoo designs.


The designs are based on ancient tribal designs of the South Pacific Islands. These are usually abstract, artistic designs that consist of a combination of basic design elements such as spikes, swirls or spines.


Celtic style tattoos are silhouettes with thick bold black lines and sharp angles. A Viking adaptation of the Celtic tattoo style includes mythological creatures like griffins. Primarily designed with black ink.

Cartoon & Comic Book Tattoos

Cartoon or Comic Book style tattoos are recognised by their bold lines, colours and references to TV shows and comic book characters. It's become more popular due to advancements in animation techniques.


Portrait tattoos are usually a head shot of a person or pet, directly copied from one or more reference photographs. Portrait tattoo styles are often used for Memorial Tattoos to depict a lost loved one.

Black and
Grey Tattoos

Black and Grey tattoos use black ink mixed with water (or white ink) to create shades of grey. The style originated in the prisons of the USA because it was difficult to get coloured ink.


Fantasy Tattoos are popular and commonly picture images of fairies, dragons and unicorns, although the genre covers the entire range of mythical and magical places or characters.


The Grim Reaper is perhaps the most famous darkside evil tattoo design. Skulls, Demons, Snakes and Spiders are also common. Portraits of evil TV characters are becoming more popular.


Memorial Tattoo styles (similar to portrait tattoos) are a popular choice of tattoo for someone who has lost a loved one, close friend or relative. It can be a great way to remember them by.


Before you step into a tattoo studio, please make sure getting a tattoo is what you really want! This isn’t a decision that should be made on a whim but something you will have for the rest of your life or spend a fortune trying to remove or cover up. Spend time thinking about if it’s the right decision for you. Please do not drink alcohol (or any other blood thinning agents) the night before or the day of the work due to it having a thinning effect on the blood that causes the tattooed area to bleed far more than usual. It will also prolong the healing process making it more sensitive. Try having something to eat before your tattoo because this will help settle nerves and draws the blood to the stomach lining to prevent too much bleeding. If you’re worried about how painful a tattoo is then please remember we all have different pain tolerance. Try to relax and listen to our advice and you should be fine (optionally bring a friend).


There are many views on the best way to care for your tattoo, but the fundamentals remain consistent. Quality studio operators worldwide have compiled these simple directions for quick healing. However, we urge you to consult your own tattoo artist for any special instructions related to the aftercare of your tattoo.

  • Do not attempt to re-bandage the tattoo.
  • Do not apply any Vaseline, Lanolin or Petroleum based products onto your tattoo.
  • Do not apply alcohol.
  • Do not rub, scratch or pick at the tattoo.
  • Do not expose the tattoo to direct sunlight, swim or soak in any type of sauna, steam room or bathtub for a minimum of two weeks.
  • Be sure the clothing that is touching your tattoo is clean, soft and comfortable.

Customer Testimonials

Maureen Fletcher
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I went to have a wolf done on my arm they done a wonderful job always made u relaxed and always happy they are great Beautiful results · Incredible artists
Kayleigh Elizabeth J r
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Got my first tattoo/s today from Chris. Absolutely loved the experience and was completely put at ease by Chris’ professional and friendly nature. I am super happy with the tattoos. Thank you so much xxx
Bianca Stratford
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Really great tattoo place! Custom designs! Amazing art work! Couldn’t recommend this place enough!!! Original art · Beautiful results · Custom tattoos · Experienced tattoo artists

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